little citytrip - gent

We went to Gent on Saturday and stayed there for a night in a Bed & Breakfast. I always feel slightly uncomfortable about B&Bs, because you never know what they really look like, and what the host is like and those kind of things. It makes me feel weird to be in someones home, even if its only for one night, and I get a bit nervous beforehand. We were very lucky this time! Our host was a very lovely lady, who kindly and very enthusiastically shared some nice spots in Gent. This B&B felt quite unique; an old (almost medieval) building, nice features (fireplace, amazing kitchentiles) and bright colours on the wall. And, very convenient, the location was great, only a few seconds away from the Gras & Korenlei.

We didn't really do anything specific, no museum or boat trip or city tour. We just walked around all day, shopped for a bit, drank an Amber Gruut in Brasserie Pakhuis. A Blond Gruut at the Stadsbrouwerij Gruut and a Leffe Blond at some touristy joint which wasn't very nice actually. 
After that we headed to a restaurant called Le Petit Restaurant. Which was a very cosy little restaurant with simple classic food. 

Gent has a great annual jazzfestival, so I thought, there must be something jazzy going on on a Saturday night! I looked up a couple of places, but in the end we only found one; Hot Club de Gand. There was no live music unfortunately, but it was a nice little bar and they did play jazz music, which always sets a good mood. 

We were planning to do a little shopping on Sunday, but all the shops were closed :/. So we left after an antipasti-lunch, dropped my sister off in Amsterdam and headed home. Where I was in time to enjoy a few hours at the Landje van Pop-festival!