There are no words to describe how relieved I am that I finally graduated. Relieved, not necessarily proud or pleased with myself. I am truly, honestly very relieved that I'm out of the educational system. On the 18th of October, the good news arrived. I was too scared to open the e-mail, so Onno had to do it for me. The immediate twinkle in his eyes made me realize that I passed! I PASSED! I MADE IT! I am now a graduated International Music Manager!! Whatever that means!

Oh yes, it's over, finally.

And yes, I'm not particularly proud about this accomplishment. You know why? Because the school I was in doesn't have a very good reputation. And although this only came to show to everyone in the last two years. I guess I have known this ever since I started. All in all, it was quite a disappointing education; the courses only briefly covered important and interesting subjects such as finance, economics, marketing and legal stuff. 
Most frustrating part was that in the end...they realized their level of education was below the standard, and they started changing things around. I was in the middle of graduating then and had to adapt to these changes accordingly, which was hard. Hardly anyone seemed to know how exactly to continue. And it still is very weird, graduating at this school is vague, unclear and unguided. For all of those that still need to graduate; be critical towards yourself, because that's what a lot of students lack. We think we'll manage, because we easily passed all courses and minors, but it's really different. It takes some effort, and really, be honest, is your thesis really good enough for a HBO diploma? Common, put more time and effort in it! 

I feel I have passed with hardly any guidance, but by mostly being critical towards my own work. 

I sincerely hope for all students and teachers (who are not to blame here), that things are going to change for the better. I hope the whole curriculum of International Music Management gets a proper upgrade, because it has potential to be an interesting education. Right now, it sounds nicer than it really was.

Of course the past years weren't a complete waste, I am happy with a few things! What I am happy with, is that throughout these past five years I have experienced a few key moments that gave me a certain baggage to work in the professional field. It's a combination of my internship in London at PIAS, an external minor I did at another institution (International Marketing) and just keeping myself entertained with books on the subjects I wanted to know a little more about (music marketing, digital marketing, wine, screenwriting). 

And now what?

Well, I want everything. So if someone has that? Yes please, I'd like a bit of everything. 

I'm planning to focus on improving myself as a creative in the fields of music, film and food. On top of my list is finishing Enkytown; our over-ambitious but very entertaining project, with great potential. Second to that, I'm planning to develop my knowledge on wine. I have created a little wine-tasting sheet, I will probably write something about this in the near future. Thirdly.... Ah well, you know, I might as well stop this list, because it would be going on for a long time. There's loads of little and bigger projects coming my (and Onno's) way. 


Our pretty Enkytown-pictures (taken by the journo that interviewed us a few weeks ago), 
sadly none of them made the edit, haha.