club sandwiches

I love it when my sandwich is too big to hold in one hand, when all the ingredients fall out, because I was greedy and wanted to stuff it with too much good stuff. And I love to have crisps with my lunch, which is only allowed when eating a club sandwich (well, in my book). Most of the time we make a classic club, but I was feeling adventurous the last couple of weeks and stuffed them with other foods. 

The recipes below serve 2. 
Club Nicoise
Bread - 8 slices
Tuna - 1 can
Black olives - two handfull (one regular, one kalamata)
Tomato - two small ones
Iceberg or romaine lettuce - handfull
Egg - two
Capers - one tablespoon
Anchovies - 6 slices, chopped
Dill - one tablespoon
Mayonnaise - as much is needed to make it less dry)

Layer 1 - Tuna salad (tuna, capers, anchovies, dill, mayonnaise)
Layer 2 - Black olives, chopped and mixed
Layer 3 - Lettuce / tomato / egg

Club Sweet Salmon
Bread - 8 slices (small though)
Salmon - 2 filets (I didn't use fresh ones, that would make it a bit expensive).
Cucumber - half
Yellow paprika - one
Coriander - handfull
Dried chili - one teaspoon
Soy sauce - two tablespoons (or more)
Honey - one tablespoon
Sesame seeds - one tablespoon

Layer 1 - Marinated & fried salmon (with honey-soy sauce, coriander & sesame seeds)
Layer 2 - Chopped yellow paprika & cucumber with a little bit of soy & dried chili
Layer 3 - Same as layer 1

Club Parma

Bread - 8 slices
Parmaham - 6 or 8 slices
Pepper (paprika) - one
Black olives - handful
Buffalo mozzarella - one
Salt & Pepper

Layer 1 - Roasted red paprika
Layer 2 - chopped black olives
Layer 3 - Mozzarella & ham

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