wine of the week: scaia

Wednesday January 14 

Scaia - Garganega, Trebbiano & Chardonnay - Veneto, Italy - 2013 - Tenuta Sant'Antionio

This wine couldn't be more off with the season. Outside it's storming, rain, wet snow, the whole shebang. While in my glass a tropic explosion takes place. The aromas coming from the glass are really heavy on acacia and tropical fruit, mostly pineapple, but also a bit of orange and apple.  Taste-wise it's a a fresh tasting wine, most of the fruit very upfront but balanced in taste. Crisp character, no oak, little of tangy citrus near the end. It has quite a personality this one. 

I've enjoyed this wine before, and I will continue to buy it whenever I feel I need a bit of sunshine. Nice aperitif, and I've yet to discover its food-combining skills (fish dishes, cold starters and vegetable courses are recommended). 

So for all those people who get really down during the cold season, wishing it was over sooner rather than later. Play a summery tune (I suggest a bit of this), close your eyes and enjoy!

I bought it for 9.99 from a wine shop in my hometown who get their wine through http://www.kwastwijnkopers.nl/nl/home/

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