wine of the week: cono sur single vineyard riesling

I'm quite fascinated by Riesling. I keep reading that it's one of the most gastronomic wines around. But for a long time I wouldn't come near it:  I was prejudiced and thought Riesling was nothing more than some cheap sweet grape juice.

Germany is home to the Riesling grape, it has been cultivated there for centuries.
Besides Germany, the Alsace region in France has been doing so for a long long time as well. Nowadays it can be found around the world, and supposedly it makes for interesting wines coming from Australia & Austria. It can make entirely different wines, depending on where it comes from. The grape tends to be very aromatic, flowery, lime & minerals and it's suitable for aging.

I wanted to find out if Riesling was for me, but there was a little problem; I didn't quite know where to get the good stuff? I refuse to believe a bottle of Riesling for as little as € 5 or €6 from the supermarket can offer any pleasure other than pure boozing. Of course the Internet can be of help in these times of need, but ordering from random websites is not really my thing (yet, I'm still researching as where to get good and interesting stuff). This bottle was on sale for a tenner (rather than the original price of 15€), so I gave it a go! Well, it was laying around in the wine rack first for a couple of weeks, because I was still scared it was going to be something sweet. Although the internet said it was an interesting bottle, I wasn't convinced.

So when my parents (and fellow winenutters) came around for dinner last week, I thought that might as well be the right occasion to taste it! I prepared some little snacks that supposedly would go down well with the wine.

We drank a bottle of Cono Sur Single Vineyard Riesling coming from..Chile!
We all thoroughly enjoyed it, very pleasantly fragrant, citrus, pear, little honey. Full and balanced flavour with nice acidity.

Too bad we only had one bottle.

And here we are, yet another grape I quite like and want to drink more of. It's time to get hunting for some more of this juice!

The two snacks were salmon 'pate' (smoked salmon, horseradish, creme fraiche, salt, pepper & lemon juice) and a simple creamy pork pate with a slice of gherkin. I made an effort making the salmon snack, while the pork pate was just scooped straight out of the package, in the end the salmon didn't pair half as well with the Riesling as the pate did. Maybe it had something to do with the horseradish being too sharp? 

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